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Originally founded 1949 in Italy, disegnatore Francesco Ridolfi migrated to North America in the 1950’s with a vision on providing the finest handmade dress shirts, casual shirts & premium engineered shirts worldwide.  Today that vision is maintained and passed on to three generations of the Ridolfi family.
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A Sartorial Masterpiece

The first time you handle a Ridolfi shirt, you will experience the difference character makes first hand.  Ridolfi shirts are built with uncompromising standards, no less than 157 highly skilled operations are involved creating a balanced sartorial masterpiece.  Perfection with an unbeatable reputation manufacturing one of the best handmade dress shirts in North America, the experience must be explored first hand.

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Uncompromising Standards

Ridolfi dress shirts & casual shirts are engineered to withstand the test of time.  Developing a combination of exclusive techniques to create the ultimate shirtings.  Our patterns are designed with style, comfort & fit in mind.  The hand-tailored craftsmanship in developing a Ridolfi shirt ensures longevity, quality & durability.  Every stitch is made by single needle tailoring and 22 stitches per inch, ensuring a strong and clean finish.

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